For Ann and Dieter Psutka your hosts at Rich Hill Acres, their little piece of heaven was just too good to keep for themselves. That's why they have opened their arms, home and backyard to their community. Both retired educators, they have been living in their beautiful house overlooking Rich Hill since 1989. They started out with several gardens, like any other. Several years later they put in their first major garden and began getting serious about this hobby. Today, their backyard boasts a rose garden, perennial gardens, a shade garden, alpine and rock gardens, a natural spring garden, a meadow, gazebo, water garden and a pool. Add to that a magnificent view of the Rich Hill church and steeple and a view that spans all the way to Barrie on a clear day and you have a backyard like no other.

Over the years, their gardens have been entered in "Communities in Bloom" and they have won many of the categories including best rural gardens and best water garden. Over time having friends and colleagues over transformed itself into a part-time business, namely Rich Hill Personalized Catering Service. Over the years the Psutkas have hosted church and garden groups, birthday and anniversary celebrations and even a wedding.

"The business evolved with knowing we had something here that could be shared with others," says Dieter. "And our home has always been a home for people to come to."

"We are very versatile as to what we can offer in terms of a menu," says Ann. "People come as a group and stay as long as they want. There's never a watch on you."


Their service is best suited to accommodate groups of 15 to 30. The Psutkas do all their own cooking and specialize in a wide variety of hors-d'oeuvres and comfort style main course food. They have set menus but also willing to discuss the needs of their guests and settle on a meal. Hence the name Rich Hill Personalized Catering Service!


Excerpts taken from an article written by Stephen Hueble from the Tottenham Times