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A Book For
All Ages

By Ann Stouffer Psutka

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Pre School

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"Hey, there's some leeks!" Leighton ran to pick the little green shoots. "Hey, sis, how do you like this perfume?" He crushed a leek right under Amy's nose. 

"Get that stinky thing away from me!" Amy gave her brother a shove that sent him reeling. 

"Fight! Fight! Fight!" Elmer chanted, but no one heard him.

 "Let's stop that right now," Mr. Hallman said calmly. "We're here to welcome spring, not scare it back to winter."

"Mom," Amy intoned in that special voice that always meant bad news for one of her siblings. "Last week Leighton and Morris ate leeks at recess and stunk up the whole classroom. The teacher was real mad." 

Mrs. Hallman frowned at her sons. "Oh boys, you didn't ! I'll be too embarrassed to visit Rummelhardt School again, if that's true."



Junior & Intermediate

The Schneider Haus was built by Joseph Schneider in 1816. Joseph, his wife Barbara and their four children were Pennsylvania Dutch. 

They left their home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1807 to look for available cheap farmland in Canada. They trekked north with a small group of rugged pioneers in Conestoga wagons and their journey took four weeks and four days. Because of all their belongings, food and equipment, space was limited in the wagons and everyone had to walk alongside, even the children.

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For All Ages

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